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Synopsis: Four men hideaway in their safe house after a robbery has gone wrong. They know they have to wait and keep low until the heat dies down, but being self-imprisoned here together in this desolate place, they can’t deny their fear and greed and as their tensions flare, so does the violence.


Written originally as a play and directed as a claustrophobic thriller disguised as a character study, the movie is very Americanized despite its rural setting and heavily British cast. it is intended to be rated 12A or 15 (PG-13) and has some violence, mild language and adult situations.


The film was shot on High Definition video, on location in Durham, United Kingdom with a small crew. It was filmed during 30 days over a 1 year production cycle between 2007 and 2008. And the original post production cycle was to be complete by 2009, but various factors complicated this; including but not limited to the original editing suite, computers and hard drives being destroyed in An electrical failure (All original footage was unharmed - Thankfully!).


A real labor of love, blood, sweat and tears. The production team had quite a few set backs. One of the actors, Will, broke his collar bone during the opening scene! The house we shot in was robbed and many props were stolen and had to be hastily replaced, as well the building was vandalized several times and we constantly had to play clean up crew.


As Wayne Thompson (Actor, producer) says: "I can't wait until we get to do the cast and crew commentary one day, we'll talk over the whole movie! By far the most interesting and crazy things I've been involved in. Maybe we should just have one commentary track talking about the trails and tribulations of making the damn thing, and the other track... You know... About the movie."




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