Something we can't walk away from.


After filming Walk Away, most of the cast and crew became very good friends. Wayne Thompson and James Thompson (No relation) both became full members of Eze as Pi Productions LTD and make it their mission to get the movie finished and seen by the world.


"The passion of the people I got involved with was the best part of making the movie. Everyone gave up all of their free time and worked as hard as they could, which boosted my passion and made me realise we could actually do it, we could really make a good movie, and beyond that, I've met people who i'll know and cherish the rest of my life." - Henry Thompson (Writer/director).


Since Filming wrapped on Walk Away, The Eze team have filmed and shown several short films around the world which has taken them from the Sedona film fest in Arizona to the Cannes International film festival, but their passion is features and they are dedicated to getting this film shown.


Despite all the hardships of bringing the final elements together, the crew of Walk Away are resolute that the film will be finished and are now actively seeking funding to complete the movie. For more information on this, go here.





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