Production Budget: 35,000 pounds.

(Including the original pre and post production cycles: Equipment; camera [Sony FX-1 HDV], sound recorder [DATS], editing suite[Using Adobe Suite], location costs, props, transport, catering. Etc.)

The film was shot on High Definition video, on location in Durham, United Kingdom with a small crew. It was filmed during 30 days over a 1 and a half year production cycle between 2007 and 2008. And the original post production cycle was to be complete by 2009, but various factors complicated this; including but not limited to the original editing suite, computers and hard drives being destroyed in An electrical failure (All original footage was unharmed).

The original assembly cut was 101 minutes long and it is intended when this goes back to the editing suite it should end around 90 minutes (Out of the over 50 hours of footage which was shot).

There is around 50 visual effects shots (day for night, rain, green screen removal, etc). and many composites and clean ups (removing wires digitally, etc.).

The producers are seeking an additional 15,000 to 25,000 pounds for completion funds to finish the final elements; Editing, Sound mixing, scoring and music, music rights management, visual effects, colour grading, ADR, encoding and authoring.

Being the movie was shot in 1080i HDV and edited with a 1080p immediate H.264 conversion, we intend the movie to be shown in full quality on digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, television, DVD and Blu-ray. While it could be shown theatrically, the quality would not be technically high enough that we would feel strongly about seeking a theatrical release.

Written originally as a play and directed as a claustrophobic thriller disguised as a character study, the movie is very Americanized despite its rural setting and heavily British cast. We believe fully this movie will find an audience, internationally.

We have a short trailer, But I will advise to ignore the music choices on the trailer, it uses some licensed music which I have not got the rights to, this was only intended as a temp preview which was used at a premiere in Leeds, this will be replaced with original score as soon as we continue again on our path to finish this film, which is as soon as possible.


Any questions or comments, interest in investing or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Henry Thompson – writer/director, 07970270974.

Wayne Thompson – Producer, 07814495143.

Or use the form to the right.



While we are seeking completion funds and/or lead investments, we are also open to anyone "Buying stock" in the film. If you would like to invest in this movie (Even ONE POUND), please let us know and donate and we will include your name as a special thanks and include you in all future news.

Thank you for your interest in our film.


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