Everyone who Walked Away


Wayne Thompson           - Ken.

James Thompson             - Ian.

Craig Rutherford              - Tobias.

William Thompson           - Frank.

Debra Tennant                  - Henrietta.

Stacie Scott                         - Jemma.

Meryl                                    - Dead girl.

Jessica Wood                    - Dead girl.

William Nickson                - Pvt. W. Nickson.

Gary Leslie                          - Pvt. G. Leslie.



Writer / director / DOP: Henry Thompson

Produced by:                     Henry Thompson, Wayne Thompson.

Make up effects:              Wayne Thompson.

Fight Choreographer:     Wayne Thompson.

Visual effects:                    Henry Thompson

Still photography:            Andrew Yates and Steven Sidhu

Sound recording:             Steven Sidhu

Sound mixing:                   Max Black

Music by:                             Roland Macintosh, Stephen Cooper and  Max Black

Edited by:                            Henry Thompson

Post production assistant: Danielle Elaine Millican


©Eze as Pi Productions LTD. 2006-2014.




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